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 MCQ Group is a structure operating in the field of organization and management of companies and Public Administration, in a Global Service sight.

MCQ Group is made by specialized and dynamic consultants who are serious and professionally able, which a strong and evident mentality targeted on business organization and management services.
For each consultation service, MCQ Group organize an ad hoc team which is able to ensure great competence on the field interested and multidisciplinary knowledge thanks to great and specialized experience in each consultation field. The work team assures customized solutions in a global vision which gives added value.
MCQ implements a Quality Management System following the 9001 Standard. The MCQ Group Management System allows to offer both to the customer and to employees an organized System which is effective and efficient, where all production and logistic processes are oriented to the customer satisfaction by high quality consultation services
The MCQ Group policy targets the full satisfaction of customers on the ground of the following points:

  1. Managerial culture and continuous improvement promotion and diffusion;
  2. Customer exigency and expectation Identification to translate them in real services;
  3. Relationship transparency with the customer and safeguard of its know how;
  4. Personnel professional education on all level.

All activities are offered thanks to the collaboration between the group companies:

  1. MCQ Progetti e Sviluppo
  4. SITA

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