MCQ Group

Pasquale Maggiore

General Manager

26/08/1965 - Graduated in Philosophy of Science. He spent six months to deepen his researches at ULB Continue »

Antonio Limina

Sales Manager

19/08/1958 - Specific education in Marketing and sales. He has a long experience in services sales, Continue »

Stefania Di Franco

Marketing and Development Manager

15/12/1975 - Graduated in Political Sciences. She has a Master in International Business and Public Continue »

Chiara Giardina

Project Manager

06/01/1982 - Graduated in foreign languages and literature at the Palermo University, she started her Continue »

Francesco Ardizzone

Engineering and Production Manager

01/08/1970 - Graduated in Statistics and Economic Sciences. Qualified to the profession of statistic Continue »

Serenella Carò

Administration Manager

25/04/1974 - She was professionally born in MCQ Group. Her field is the accountancy of the company Continue »

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