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The progressive international dimension imposes to PMI a global vision, involving all the phases of the productive and commercial activity: choice of suppliers, make or buy decisions, comparison of productivity and efficiency with competitors, search for financing sources, technologic choices, commercial strategies.
MCQ Group takes care of the internationalisation process, supporting the Client Firms in the fields of:
  • orderliness of commercial relationships;
  • selection of outlet markets for company products;
  • search for target customers;
  • use of promotional policies.
MCQ also proposes internationalisation forms (capital ventures, joint ventures, etc.), replacing the traditional dichotomy between make or buy, that is exporting and invest directly abroad. The make together attitude is today the organizational structure that establishes the development of cooperation deals between businesses, and it is at the same time the most efficient and effective system to deal with the current dynamics of international markets.
The presentation and analysis of these projects is composed of:
  • cartography of countries involved in these internationalisation projects, in order to allow a precise localization of the area or towns involved in the initiative;
  • introduction report of the project, with information on the promoting agencies, the objectives of the project and the methods chosen to reach them, the times and local context where the project is carried out, and the subjects taking part;
  • Introduction report of the country where the project is promoted: together with standard indicators (surface, population, government system), more economic–related data are collected (inflation and unemployment rates, foreign debt, main commercial partners); the statistics information is followed by a short report that outlines the current economic and geo–politic situation of the analysed country and identifies its future prospects;
  • Graphic of the interchange between the client firm and the country where the internationalisation project is carried out. This is an useful tool to synthetically assess the status and the recent development of the economic relationships with that area.
The projects are constantly monitored in order to verify if the established times are respected and if the objectives promoted during the working out and approval of the different internationalisation initiatives are being reached.

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